Want to Land Digital Marketing Jobs? Know How

Digital Marketing Jobs

Hope I have sing praises enough for you to get excited about this fastest emerging field. If that missed the mark, then how about some stats?

The Digital Marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, according to a Goldman Sachs report. Three times its current value!

It is expected that the Global Digital Marketing spend will reach $389.29 billion in2021, according to Statists, 2020. A 17% increase from 2020!

This industry is set to rise by 13.3% to $441.12 billion. By 2024, digital advertising spending worldwide is projected to exceed half a trillion to $524.17 billion. To put things into perspective, this is a whopping 85.7% increase from 2018.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out ways to foray into this ever-evolving industry and leave footprints behind!

1. Dive into this field:

I call it learning on the job! You got to show your online presence, put yourself out there and get a grasp of what's current in this field. You must be seated in the car to learn to drive it, right? Just make sure to make your presence worthwhile. All you have to do is create your own digital marketing blog, social media accounts that are linked to websites you have built, portfolios and trust me, you will rise and shine in no time

2. Know your competitors:

Digital Marketing is quite a volatile career and hence demands to keep up with the latest trends. Keep a close eye on your competitors' websites, assess and then go above and beyond and make sure you are always a step ahead of them to lure the traffic to your website.

3. Get certified:

For an ever-changing career like Digital Marketing, you always have to keep your learning mode on. Attend online SEO courses, Digital marketing courses get handy with Google Analytics and get Google and Facebook Ads Certification if required along with other necessary tools.

4. Build a Portfolio:

You got to showcase your work to get more work. Portfolios are a great way to demonstrate the competencies and will show the employers what you are really capable of! That’s your shining armour, my friend! Build it the way you want to build your brand in the future.

4. Be an Extrovert:

Don’t worry if you really are an introvert or love your earphones more than striking a random conversation with a stranger. You can still use the same social media platforms that you are fond of using to make connections which might help you find great leads or clients.

5. Freelancing:

Now who doesn’t love an awesome view, a cuppa coffee and flexible hours to work on a project that pays you well! Freelancing is a great way to get more hands-on experience while keeping you focussed on the main job.

If you aren’t intrigued by the vastness of this field, here are the estimated salaries a fresher can get paid:

Salary Breakdown:

1. Digital Marketing Manager: If handling clients’ online presence is your forte then the expected salary would be Rs. 2lpa-4.5lpa.

1. Digital Marketing Manager: If handling clients’ online presence is your forte then the expected salary would be Rs. 2lpa-4.5lpa.

2. SEO Executive: If you are well-versed with the keyword-research, content optimization, algorithm changes, you can expect somewhere between Rs. 1.5lpa-3.5lpa.

3. Social Media Manager: You will be responsible for ensuring a positive environment on social media platforms for the brand, hence the expected compensation can be Rs. 2lpa-3.5lpa.

4. Content Marketing Executive: if you are at the helm of creativity, you are handling content across social media platforms and on the company’s website and you can expect a whopping amount of Rs. 4.5lpa.

5. Email marketing Executive: If you are sound with emails, then you are expected to create brand-worthy emails and can expect around 2.5lpa.

Regardless of which route you choose, Digital Marketing is here to stay. Never before has there been a way to stay in such consistent contact with your customers, and nothing else offers the level of personalization that digital data can provide. With so many benefits available for just about any budget, it makes sense why so many businesses are succeeding with digital marketing efforts.

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